Binbisa Supply Co. Decorative Recycling Bins

Product Details 

   The BinBisa Decorative Recycler is a patented system that pairs the use of two or more specifically designed liners with a decorative outside receptacle.  The liners are designed for one-handed, easy removal and replacement, either as a pair or individually.  The patent holds that these liners can be used within a decorative outer receptacle that comes in any color, size, shape, and/or material. BinBisa Recyclers' latest innovation is how easily bags can be secured and used on the "landfill side".  BinBisa's unique "bag grabbing notches" and pull-hole make it easy to pull bags tight without knots or ties. BinBisa Recyclers work great with regular 2, 3, or 4 gallon trash bags.  Click below to check out our how-to video: