Our Story

    The BinBIsa Supply Co. started with one goal, to increase recycling rates by making recycling a convenient choice in every room.  It was spring of 2011, when our founder, a school teacher and part time artist, Laura Rodriguez, noticed that the trashcan, one of humanity's basic, everyday tools, is a mismatch with our modern capabilities and values.   Through further research, she learned that the two main reasons people don't recycle are a lack of knowledge about recycling, and the lack of convenience. 

​    So, with pencil and paper, Rodriguez set out to address both issues, designing a tool that could replace the trashcan.    


              Following the UCLA/BinBisa study, Rodriguez was named 2016  Innovator of the Year

                                             by the National Waste & Recycling Association.

       As a teacher, she knew that having a dual purpose receptacle handy in each room would promote a self education. "Having a dual purpose tool creates a point of use decision, a choice between landfill and recycling."  Rodriguez new that it could be a habit changer.  In the next years, there was manufacturing to handle, patents, a website to build, interviews, TV spots, product photo shoots, and the search for someone who could put the whole idea to the test.  In 2015,     Dr. Vivian Lew of the UCLA Statistical Consulting Center took interest in the project, and served as lead consultant for the UCLA/BinBisa Residential Recycling Study. The results were spectacular.  

The UCLA/BinBisa Residential Recycling Study concluded that BinBisa Recyclers can change recycling habits, raise recycling rates, and increase recycling knowledge.