When I was growing up in the 1970's, I can remember when each house only had a couple phones.  Communication time was limited, and the whole family had to share.  Sometimes we even had to schedule  and  monitor phone times in the kitchen or at the “phone table” so  that everyone had a turn.  We didn't realize that we were limited, and we didn't know that we were missing out.  It was just the way things were, and we lived under the assumption that communication was,  by it's own nature,  limited.  

A Note from Our Founder


    Currently, we find ourselves, and society, at a similar point with recycling.  We are limited in our efficiency by a lack of convenience, and a lack of proper receptacles (tools) in our living spaces.  For the most part, when it comes to recycling, we don't notice what we are missing, and we often assume that limited access is just the way it is. We recycle when it's convenient, and we don't when it's not. We are living under the old assumption that recycling, by it's own nature, is limited.

      But history has taught us the lessons of convenience,  and the truth is that recycling 

doesn't have to be limited to just  a couple rooms in the house.   History has shown us the impact that having  the  right  tool  can  have  

(plow,  printing press,  autos,  trains,  computers, internet, etc.)  Just look at what   happened when the cell phone made 

communication convenient.   There was an explosion of communication as a result,  and

it changed our behavior.  It changed our expectations.  Some would even argue that 

the cell phone has changed the very way we



    That is the kind of change I'm after.  I aim to make recycling convenient in every living space. aim to create an explosion of recycling,  a change in our expectations and goals regarding resource management and material re-usage.   By updating a basic human tool, and making recycling an easy choice in all rooms, I hope to do for recycling  what the  cell phone  did for communication.  And in doing so, I hope to change humanity's relationship with the Earth's resources.  

             Thank you for paying some attention to my dream, and for giving a moment to my vision.                                                                                                                                                  Laura


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​"One step, made by millions, is a movement."

                                                Laura Rodriguez