​Change your tool.  Change your habit.

Video: How to Insert Liner Bags


   BinBisa Decorative Recyclers are designed to replace the trashcan, because the idea that everything we use becomes trash no longer fits in our world, or matches our values. The BinBisa is designed for all our smaller spaces; bedroom, bathroom, children’s room, hotel room, dorm room & office workspaces, the places where we don’t always recycle.  At the BinBIsa Supply Co., we are working to close the gap between daily behavior and what we all know to be wiser resource management.  We hope that overall recycling rates will increase once recycling is an attractive, convenient choice in every room.  Try a few of our decorative recycling bins in your home, and see how the added convenience really makes a difference.

Change your world.

 S U P P L Y  C O M P A N Y

​D E C O R A T I V E   R E C Y C L I N G   B I N S