D U A L   P U R P O S E   B I N S   F O R   A N Y   R O O M ​​

"I love the BinBisa, and wish it was in every room of my house."   -  I. Carapia

"My BinBisa can has made it simple to recycle in a place in my house where  we never recycled before." -  G. Fonseca

"Love it!" - S. & R. Buchanon

For more consumer feedback, click to the UCLA/BinBisa Residential Recycling Study page.

"Before I would be the only one recycling, now my whole family is on board." - A. Ramos

"A household necessity!"  - J. Villanueva

           Decorative Recycling Bins for Any Room

 People love the Bisa, with 98.8% of BinBisa users saying they would recommend        BinBisas to their friends. Read more about what people are saying below,

"A stroke of genius." - Vivian Lew Ph.D. UCLA


Change your world.

BinBisa Supply Co. Decorative Recycling Bins For The Home


BinBisa Decorative Recyclers make recycling attractive and convenient in every room.  BinBisas look great in bedrooms, bathrooms, children’s rooms, hotel rooms, dorm rooms & office workspaces, as well as the kitchen or garage.  BinBisa's  easy to use, dual purpose bins can fit where trashcans used to be the only option,  providing the option to recycle in every room of the house. A recent UCLA study proved that BinBisa Recyclers really do increase recycling rates, help people learn more about what is recyclable, and change recycling habits.  People who useBinBisa bins can feel good, knowing that their finished products are headed in the right direction & that they they are doing their part to take care of the Earth. BinBisa users are part of the growing number of people who are actively reshaping the way humanity thinks  about  and  uses  the  Earth's  resources. Read  more about the                                                                       & how this simple new product can make a big difference.

     ​Change your tool.  Change your habit.